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Vermicompost has other valuable properties, such as high moisture capacity, moisture resistance, hydrophilicity, mechanical strength, absence of weed seeds. Chelated content of most of the chemical nutrients necessary for plants The richness of the bacterial flora, which is a hundred times higher than that found in animal manure, which is considered the best natural fertilizer. Acidity, which fluctuates around neutral (pH = 7) and creates conditions in the soil that hinder the development of diseases ACTION BIOHUMUS When applying vermicompost, which is characterized by a high buffering capacity, no excessive concentration of salts is created in the soil solution, which occurs, for example, when applying high doses of mineral fertilizers. Batteries are more reliably preserved from washing out and serve as a source of prolonged action of vermicompost.
Its decomposition by microorganisms releases macro - and microelements and provides plants with carbon, which is necessary for photosynthesis. Vermicompost is ideal for obtaining environmentally friendly products, is able to reanimate the soil and reduce anthropogenic impact, especially when applying increased doses of mineral fertilizers and pesticides
Vermicompost (Biohumus) Manufactured according to the regulations: GOST R 56004 - 2014 TU 9818 - 001 - 47294670 - 2015 Certificate of Conformity # 1287559 dated 05/30/2019.
PROPERTIES BIOHUMUS - Restores soil microflora - Relieves plant stress, especially when planting in the ground, enhances survival rate, accelerates seed germination - Increases plant resistance to diseases, accelerates plant growth and development - Contains macro and micro elements necessary for plants in an easily digestible form - Neutralizes soil pH - Soils resist drought or waterlogging better, are less prone to erosion and deflation, retain satisfactory properties longer when irrigated with increased doses or saline waters - Soils, withstand higher technogenic loads
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 12.04.2021

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